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Don't just be an employee of a company;

be a member of the community!

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The Bandits (Don't Google It!)

Meaning, Origin and the Story - The Non-Google Version

We decided to call ourselves Bandits after a long quest and questioning. If you Google it, it will highlight only the negative meaning of the word, but we often use it to describe someone who dares to pursue their ambitions with great conviction.

While searching for the perfect term to define what we are as people and as a company, the characteristics of "Bandit" seemed like the perfect match because it embodied our three core values of being Outlaw, Super Curious & a Team Player.

Get all of it, Be a Bandit

Change the world by changing your world of work.

When you work at Payatu, you are a part of the community. We offer you opportunities to work with industry experts from various domains and make friends from different backgrounds. Working with us can be a stepping stone in your career. Apart from the job, we offer opportunities to learn, grow and develop professionally. We don't just provide you with a job; we offer you a chance to shape your career.

We Offera Win-Win for Work-Life

We help you achieve a work-life balance and encourage you to manage your career goals simultaneously.

We're open to working outside conventional hours, as long as it is helpful to a project's goals and milestones - and this flexibility has been instrumental in allowing us to meet our deadlines better while maintaining high levels of productivity.

When it comes to time off, we believe in being flexible. We do not like to impose a cap on the frequency of taking time off, especially because different people have varying needs and schedules.

We give you hands-on experience by giving you opportunities to work with global projects or conferences.

We provide benefit plans for all employees, including their immediate family and parents. We also offer counselling sessions for better mental health.

We have 'Wall of Fame' boards displaying your excellent service. We mark your stay with an Anniversary celebration every year as we value your time and efforts. We celebrate & cheer those who have blogged or contributed to projects in their bid to help us with community outreach efforts.

We take careeer seriously
We Equip Employees with Skills
Open Positions - Join Our Team     
Open Positions - Join Our Team