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Careers at Payatu

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team, we'll help you grow as we do too.

Careers at Payatu

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team, we'll help you grow as we do too.

Think you've got what it takes to join us
on this journey?

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Why Join Payatu ?

Join if
- You want to be led not managed
- You understand the value of working and growing together
- Your overall growth as a professional matters to you more than your package
- You care more about freedom, culture, environment than bean bags and gym.
- You are passionate to learn, grow and make your mark in the cybersecurity domain.
- You feel fulfilled and happy by contributing time, effort and knowledge with the security community
- You understand that patience, hard work, commitment, and persistence is the only way to achieve success
- You want an ocean of opportunities to learn, grow, share and connect with like-minded people across the world
- You care about trust within the team and get due credit for the work and achievements.
- You love security research and breaking things.

Benefits of working here

The Bandit Team:

A close-knit family that encourages each other to achieve their best. A team that enjoys each others success and that gives us numerous occasions to celebrate. We work hard and party harder. Our amazing team is winning business and hearts all around the world with their high-quality deliverable, community contributions and being fine trustworthy professional

Our Culture :

While our team members are rocking the fields of their chosen disciplines, our value keeps them humble and responsible. Our Professionalism and strong work ethics give trust to our clients across the globe and industries in securing their assets. We care for our family as much as we care for our clients and community. Being trustable and responsible for our work in the discipline of security is part of our culture at Payatu.

The Journey of Bandits (career path) :

At Payatu, we mean business. All our team members are at the front line of the business which helps them to understand the industry and business dynamics. We encourage our team members to experiment with new concepts, take complete responsibility and accountability to transform it into a value proposition. We understand that failures, success, innovation and contribution to the community are all part of the process. We help our team members to pursue their chosen disciplines and mentor them to become experts.

Workplace benefits we extend :

  • Diverse learning opportunities
  • No dress code
  • Flexible timing and work from home option
  • Flexible leave policy
  • Flat organization structure with no hierarchy
  • Freedom to choose your path of development and research
  • We encourage & fund the security research and development efforts incepted at Payatu
  • Showcasing our research and findings at international hacking conferences is our nature
  • Logistics assistance on submitting your research to an international conference.
  • Be a part of nullcon Goa and Netherlands crew and meet/interact with world-class researchers.
  • Work on security research domain of your expertise and get paid for it too.
  • Research ideas to execution support