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Eliminate security threats through our innovative and extensive security assessments.

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Security Testing Services

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services not only help organizations to assess, build, and manage their cybersecurity capabilities, but also enable them to respond to incidents and crises.

IOT Security Testing

  • Extensive/comprehensive testing of all IoT products
  • Prevent and combat security vulnerabilities related to hardware, firmware, mobile apps, cloud, and others

Red Team Assessment

  • Measure how your systems, applications, and security controls can withstand online and offline risks
  • Get counter measures suitable for all your security needs

Product Security

  • Ensure that you save time and effort in security bug fixing and patching cycle
  • Mitigate potential threats to your products
  • Completely secure your products

AI Security Assessment

  • Secure your AI application against esoteric and potentially severe security and privacy threats.

Web Security Testing

  • Extensive audit techniques sweep every corner of your system to discover potential attack surfaces
  • Dual security audit execution approach, i.e. automated and manual security is followed

Mobile Security Testing

  • Intensive analysis of Android and iOS mobile applications for security vulnerability and possible weak spots
  • Manual testing of each component of a mobile application rather than an automated vulnerability scanner

DevSecOps Consulting

  • An all-inclusive approach is taken to incorporate security as an integral component of the entire delivery pipeline from the start
  • DevSecOps platforms are tailored to meet your unique criteria

Code Review

  • Source code security audits provided for both thick client and thin client applications.
  • A combination of manual code review and automated code analysis tools are deployed

Cloud Security

  • Review and assess applications deployed in your cloud for security and design flaws
  • Get configuration review of your cloud platform done

Critical Infrastructure

  • Extensive assessment of critical infrastructures like power plants and hospitals
  • Evaluation of individual components of the critical infrastructure

Why Us?


Our team of researchers continually discover security issues in many products and report responsible vulnerability disclosures and CVE’s.


Our diverse portfolio, word of mouth referrals, international appeal as a resultant of a meticulous approach is a testimony of our trust and credibility.


Payatu well-equipped team has been frequently invited by world-renowned security conferences across the world to present their research and deliver trainings.


Through our unique approach and dedicated team, we have been able to protect clients across different continents, boosting our visibility at a global level.

Our Training Programs

Payatu’s deep technical training provides in-depth knowledge of the subject with a prime focus on hands-on labs that enable attendees to get a thorough grasp on the concepts. The courses cover all the topics ranging from the basics to advanced and complex techniques that come directly from our field experience and in-house research.

Practical IOT Hacking

  • Get an overall understanding of the entire IoT technology suite, including IoT protocols and sensors, along with their underlying weaknesses
  • The practical labs enable attendees to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in IoT

Web Application Security

  • Identify and exploit vulnerabilities that are found in a myriad of web applications on the Internet
  • Get a hands-on approach to chain multiple vulnerabilities to fulfil the objectives of gaining access to data or taking over the underlying operating system

Mobile Application Security

  • Get familiarized with comprehensive technical explanation of some of the most common mobile-based vulnerabilities, as well as how to verify and exploit them
  • Learn how to bypass both Android and iOS security models

Cloud Security Training

  • Learn to break into applications and services running in famous cloud platforms like AWS and Azure cloud
  • Learn about protecting your application deployed in the cloud from an offensive perspective

Windows Kernel Security

  • Go through the fundamentals of Windows Kernel internals, as well as learn fuzzing of Windows Kernel Mode drivers
  • Learn how to exploit different vulnerabilities present in Windows Kernel

Network Infrastructure Security

  • Learn to perform advanced recon and pwn enterprise by exploiting vulnerabilities in the domain controller, application servers, database servers and network devices, like a pro
  • Go to the next level of taking over networks and servers by using your own custom exploit codes, other than Metasploit

Practical DevSecOps

  • Learn what is DevSecOps and how to integrate it in your infrastructure
  • Learn how to use static analysis (SAST), Dynamic Analysis (DAST), Infrastructure security assessment for implementing secure SDLC suited for your organization

Attack Monitoring for SOC

  • Learn how to take control of enterprise-wide logs and analyze them in real-time for security monitoring and alert, using ELK framework
  • Learn to scale the Elastic Stack and generate powerful visualization & data modelling for your organisation, using Kibana

AI/ML Security

  • Understand application of ML/AI in security product development
  • Learn about security issues in ML/AI model like model stealing and poisoning attacks.

Why Payatu Training?

Fully Hands On

At Payatu we believe in imparting experiential learning to all our clients that enables them to be competent enough to combat any threats. This helps them in applying all the hands-on learnings under different circumstances.

Deep Technical

Through our vast knowledge and technical understanding we intend to deliver advanced training for our clients that will make them sharp and get better insight into the technical aspects of the subject matter.

Domain Expertise

Our team of experts have designed these trainings with superior domain knowledge and advanced skills to better equip our clients against threats and their respective combating procedures.

We are the organizers of two world-renowned security conferences

Trusted By

Trusted By

Trade Ledger takes the privacy and security of it's customers and systems very seriously. We needed an independent audit to check our systems, And wanted to partner a team that understand the stringent compliance environment of banks and have experience ensuring financial systems are secure. We found such a team in Payatu; they were professional in their engagement and very skilled in their testing. Their technical knowledge and security skills are some of the very best, and I'm delighted that our systems are more secure directly as a result of having had them pentest our products.


CEO TradeLedger Australia

We were looking for a company specialized in application security and infrastructure testing for our new product We found the perfect match with Payatu Technologies. The relationship to the security experts of Payatu is not a typical customer provider association, but more of a reliable partnership in which we benefit from their deep experience and comprehensive range of security know-how.


Managing Director - M-Way Consulting GmbH Germany

When you build software you take into account all the vulnerabilities you think one can exploit, but getting Payatu to do a comprehensive test on our product was the best idea. This gave us an in depth analysis of the latest vulnerabilities and helped us fix them. And also great guys to work with.


Co-Founder - Docuvity India