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About Payatu

Since 2011 we have come so far:

Payatu was formed in 2011, and so far, it has been a roller-coaster ride. With a vision to pave way for emerging IT security and a team of like-minded people, Payatu has been able to become a pioneer in the sphere of IT security through groundbreaking ideas, innovation, and learnings.

Substantial Community Contribution

We work with the community and we are a part of the community and therefore, Payatu’s contribution impacts the community at large. Our researchers have identified and reported several CVEs in various products helping them secure their assets better.

Eat, Drink, Sleep, Security

Our hunger, urge is fueled by our passion and desire to make the world a secure place. Each day our love for security testing, analyzing and combating threats only grows with our enthusiasm and zeal. Each day we look for new challenges to overcome.

Strong Network of Professionals

Selectively handpicking only the best of the best consultants, our workforce comprises of some of the most qualified professionals. With each challenge that we take up, we ensure that we are well-equipped with the best and most updated tools for the job.


Leading Heads

Our top-notch team of consultants have all been hand-picked from a pool of ultra-talented cybersecurity professionals, who get out of bed each morning looking for a challenge that can only match up to them.

Murtuja Bharmal

Director - Consulting Services

Aseem Jakhar

Director - Research and Development

Antriksh Shah

Director - Conference and Training

Aishwarya Krishnan
Graphic Designer

Anurag Karangle
Business Development Manager

Arun Magesh
Security Researcher

Ashfaq Ansari
Security Researcher

Dattatray Hinge
Lead Developer

Office Assistant

Office Assistant

Gaurav Nayak
Security Consultant

Harsh Shah

Harshit Mahajan
Marketing Manager

Hitesh Madhwani
Manager - Operations

Hrushikesh Kakade
Security Consultant

Irfan Mohammed
Security Consultant

Krishnakant Patil
Security Researcher

Mihir Doshi
Security Consultant

Munawwar Hussain Shelia
IOT Security Researcher

Nikhil Mittal
Security Consultant

Nikhil Joshi
security researcher

Pratik Ghumade
Media Strategist

Sandeep Kumar

Sayanta Sen
Security Consultant

Siddhant Badhe
Security Researcher

Shakir Hanif Zari
Hardware Researcher

Sudhakar Verma
Security Researcher

Rewanth Tammana
Security Consultant

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Webinar, Online


Nikhil Joshi will be delivering a webinar on “How secure are ML applications”.

Webinar, Online


Nikhil Joshi will be delivering a webinar on “Introduction to ML and DL for security”.

Heidelberg, Germany


Nikhil Joshi will be delivering training titled “ML for security and security for ML” at troppers2020