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Mobile Application Security Testing

Secure your mobile applications from mordern threats.

With the advancements in mobile devices, mobile applications have taken over the way we interact with companies and services. It has become more important than ever to ensure your mobile application is secure from a cybersecurity perspective. Get your mobile application tested to make sure your application can withstand in the battle full of adversaries.

Why mobile application security testing?

With the recent wave of security and privacy issues, it has become more important than ever to provide the users with a secure mobile application. We at payatu employ a strategic mix of Static and Dynamic testing to uncover even the deeply rooted vulnerabilities in your mobile application, with a special focus on API testing which acts as a core for most of the applications. Intensive analysis of Android and iOS mobile applications for security vulnerability and possible weak spots. Manual testing of each component of a mobile application rather than an automated vulnerability scanner.

The following section includes a glance of mobile application vulnerabilities that we test during the security assessment of the application.

  • Binary Protections
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Server Side Controls
  • Data Storage
  • Data Leakage
  • Cryptography
  • Transport Layer Protection
  • Client-Side Injection
  • Session Handling

Since Most applications have a web application counterpart and strongly depends on the communication with web services, we also test the security of those components.

Mobile Application Security Test Cases

This section includes a list of web service vulnerabilities that we test during the security assessment of the web service.


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