Our deep technical trainings provide in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand with prime focus on hands-on Labs that enable attendees to understand the concepts thoroughly. The courses cover all the topics right from the basics to advanced and complex techniques that come directly from our field experience and in-house research.

Our trainers are highly qualified, internationally acclaimed and certified professionals who provide detailed case studies of their real-life experience with security issues and new vulnerabilities. Some of our trainings

Practical Internet Of Things Hacking

IoT or the Internet of Things is one of the most upcoming trends in technology as of now. A lot many new devices are coming up every single month. However, not much attention has been paid to the device’s security till now. “Practical IoT Hacking” is a brand new and unique course which offers security professionals the ability to assess the security of these smart devices. The training will cover assessing IoT attack surfaces and finding security issues. The course will be hands-on giving attendees the ability to try things themselves rather than just watching the slides. We will start from the very beginning discussing about the architecture of IoT devices, and then slowly moving to firmware analysis, identifying attack surface and finding/exploiting vulnerabilities.

Windows Kernel Exploitation

The objective of this training is to introduce Windows Kernel Exploitation concepts to attendees and walk-through/hands-on to fuzzing and exploit development of various kernel mode vulnerabilities and help gain confidence in Kernel Exploitation. Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to

  • Learn basics of Windows Internals.
  • Understand how to fuzz Windows Kernel mode drivers to find vulnerabilities.
  • Learn the exploit development process in Kernel mode.

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Xtreme Android Hacking


Xtreme Android Hacking is an action-packed class for Android security and exploitation techniques, you will learn about

  • The internals of the Android platform.
  • Understand it’s weakness, analyse and reverse applications.
  • Find vulnerabilities and exploit them.


The class is developed in a hands-on and CTF approach, where each attendee gets to have their hands dirty with exploiting real world Android applications and binaries. The training will be done on an Android Tamer distribution prepared exclusively for this training.

Xtreme Exploitation

The course is focused on a comprehensive coverage of software exploitation. It will present different domains of code exploitation and how they can be used together to test the security of an application. The participants will learn about

  • Different types and techniques of exploitation.
  • Use of debuggers to create their own exploits.
  • Understand protection mechanism of the Operating Systems and how to bypass them.

The course is heavily focused on being hands-on. Reference material documents will be provided for concepts for further reading. This class is all hands on, from the word Go! Only code and exploitation techniques are what you will take home.

Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

The objective of this training is to introduce participants with basic knowledge of programming, debugging and x86 assembly language to the art of Software Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. Various use-cases for Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis along with live examples will be demonstrated during the session in order to impart a practical and result oriented training to the participants.
Multiple CTF like challenges will be provided during the workshop in order to encourage the participants to try out various tools and techniques discussed during the session.


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