Internet of Things (IoT) security testing

We specialize in comprehensive and in-depth penetration testing of all components of the IoT products and architecture including:

  • Device hardware assessment
  • Device control Mobile App assessment
  • Web front end assessment
  • RF analysis
  • Firmware analysis
  • Communication Protocol reversing and analysis
  • Cloud component assessment

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Product Security Assessment

Our decade of experience in security software development, reverse engineering and secure SDLC enables us to provide the best of the breed comprehensive blackbox product security testing services. We enable Product companies save cost and effort in security bug fixing and patching cycle. We specialize in security testing of various types of products including:

  • Desktop Software
  • Web Application
  • Cloud Software
  • Server Software
  • IoT Devices
  • Hardware appliances
  • Mobile Devices

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Payatu CRypto Implementation Security Practices Program

At Payatu Technologies we understand that Crypto & PKI implementations are critical for the security of your organisation. To cater your needs for security and regulatory compliance we have designed specialized service

CRISP. The “CRypto Implementation Security Practices” service products are for enhancing the security & trustability of your enterprise wide crypto systems and also meet the Industrial & Regulatory compliance.

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Web Application Security Testing


Our security audit techniques drill deep into the system to cover as much attack surface as possible. We follow the dual security audit execution process which enables us to provide a combination of automated and manual security audit approach.

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Mobile Application Security Testing


Our mobile security assessment approach not only cover security of mobile application installed on the user device. We also check how mobile application communicate with server and whether any web service or API exposed by server is vulnerable to any web based attacks.


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Infrastructure Security Assessment

We use simple and extremely powerful security assessment methodology which is quite well known and a standard approach. The security requirements may differ from business to business; we add value to our customers with our expertise in securing diverse businesses. Our business aware security assessment extension to the above methodology specifically considers and includes business specific risks in addition to the standard assessment process.


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Source Code Security Audit



We offers source code security audits for web-based applications as well as thick-client applications based applications. The audit process combines extensive manual code review with automated code analysis tools.