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DevSec Ops Consulting

An all-inclusive approach is taken to incorporate security as an integral component of the entire delivery pipeline from the start.

Instigate a security culture by revamping your existing CI/CD pipeline, or creating a new one from scratch. Incorporate security tools in the build process to ensure maximum coverage of security bugs during the build process itself.

DevOps and DevSecOps are not different terms. DevSecOps is DevOps done the right way. In the era of security compromises and data breaches, making security an integral part of the development workflow is more important than ever.

DevSec Ops Consulting

Our Approach

Commit Analysis

Pre-commit analysis

  • Integrate plugins with developers IDE to find insecure coding practices before committing the code
  • Integrate pre-commit hooks to look for vulnerabilities

Commit analysis

  • Detects for sensitive information exposure like API keys, credentials, configs, etc in every commit
  • Integrate tools to your pipeline to perform automated basic checks
  • Better quality code hits CI/CD pipeline after above checks

SAST ( Static Application Security Testing )

Pre-commit analysis

  • Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities early in the DevOps pipeline
  • Help to automate this process to improve the efficiency and consistency
  • Integrate linters for all source code, Docker files, etc
  • Identifies insecure coding practices both in terms of security and development perspective
  • Identifies critical security vulnerabilities in the application
  • We help to select an apt tool according to your tech stack
  • We help to analyze the scan results and customize the tool for better results.
  • We ensure the scan doesn’t exceed 5-10 minutes

SCA (Software Component Analysis)

  • Finds outdated components in applications, operating systems, and hardware
  • Scans for known vulnerabilities on open source applications
  • Monitors for new vulnerabilities and notifies the developer
  • We help to choose the best tools according to your tech stack
  • Customize the configuration files for preferred tools to achieve the best results

DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)

  • Perform both active and passive scanning to detect security vulnerabilities in the application
  • Scanning detects OWASP Top 10 and multiple other vulnerabilities
  • Customize rule sets and configurations according to application use case
  • Detects environment misconfigurations
  • We ensure the scans get completed in a given time constraint

RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection)

  • RASP triggers alarm only in case of successful attacks as it goes beyond perimeter security and finds vulnerabilities in the application at runtime
  • Integrate RASP to hook with the application at runtime
  • Provide best configuration files and rules set that best suits the application


  • Developers learn about and remediate security vulnerabilities
  • Developers fix potential violations of coding standards even before committing the code
  • Developers get insight on adding security automation to an existing pipeline
  • Mitigates most of the vulnerabilities found in white box testing
  • Access to multiple configuration files to run all kinds of security tests for different phases of development. For e.g. SAST in CI <= 5-10 min, SAST in CD <= 20-30 min, SAST before audit <= 90 min.


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