Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Extensive assessment of critical infrastructures like power plants and hospitals Evaluation of individual components of the critical infrastructure

In the industrial control systems domain, an increasing number of organizations are using modern networking to enhance productivity and reduce costs by increasing the integration of external, business, and control system networks. However, these integration strategies often lead to vulnerabilities that greatly reduce the cyber security posture of an organization and can expose mission-critical industrial control systems to cyber threats.

Disruptions in industrial control systems can lead not only to the destruction of expensive equipment, but also interruption of critical operations. This, in turn, can result in extensive costs and lost confidence for both the individual company and society at large.

ICS/SCADA Security Consulting

ICS/SCADA Security Audit Process

This section includes a list of web service vulnerabilities that we test during the security assessment of the web service.

ICS/SCADA Security Audit Process


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Webinar, Online

Munawwar will give security professionals a comprehensive understanding of the ARM Architecture, reversing ARM binaries, exploiting vulnerabilities and the nuances of ARM shellcoding.

Webinar, Online

Arun Magesh will be delivering a webinar on <em>Introduction to IoT Reversing Firmware</em> and discussing how to get started with IoT pentesting with hands-on.

Workshop, Online

Ashfaq Ansari is conducting a workshop to get you started with kernel vulnerability analysis and exploitation in the Android platform.