A Leading Medtech Enterprise Assesses its Thick Client Application

Presenting to you a case study of how Payatu assessed the thick client application of a leading medtech organization validated it security documents. This case study will give you a detailed outlook on the process of assessment, its challenges, and recommendations.

Source Code Review of an Internationally Renowned MNC

This is the story of how Payatu Bandits helped a global MNC in identifying any critical bugs or vulnerabilities in the source code of all its enterprises. The team conducted a thorough source code review to help secure the digital platforms and make fool-proof them from any kind of intrusions.

Eliminating Security Red Flags of a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Presenting To You Another Achievement Tales Of Payatu, Where The Bandits Swooped In To Conduct A Red Team Assessment For One Of The Leading Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies. The Team Helped Its Client With Recommendations For The Identified Gaps And Enhance Their Security Infrastructure.