At Payatu we believe in following one’s passion and with that thought we have created a world class team of researchers and executors who are bending the rules to provide state of the art security services. We are a passionate bunch of folks working on the latest and leading edge security technology. We are proud to be part of a vibrant security community and don’t miss any opportunity to give back.

We are looking for security researchers with expertise in one or more of the following:
– Web and cloud exploitation
– Network exploitation
– Exploit research
– Hardware exploitation and pentesting
– Reverse engineering of binaries and proprietary protocols
– Radio/wireless security analysis and exploitation along with GNURadio experience

Job requirements:
– Researching and coming up with new exploitation techniques
– Pentesting products/services in your area of expertise
– writing proof of concept tools
– Submitting and Showcasing your research at conferences
– documenting new attack techniques and research

You should apply if you:
– Are passionate about your area of expertise and self driven
– Have the knack of finding security bugs in everything you touch
– Love working for the end result and not the effort put in
– Like automating stuff
– Like writing tools
– Are comfortable working in dynamic and fast paced work environment
– Have good written and verbal communication skills and ability to express your thoughts clearly
– Have ability to work independently and meet project schedule and deadlines

Min. Criteria for applying:
– No bar on educational qualification
– You must have a proven track record in security
– You should have authored a security tool/plugin
– Spoken at security conferences where papers are selected through CFP
– Written research papers, books, blogs, articles etc
– An active member of any security community or group
– Working on something on your own in your field apart from official work
– Written and submitted exploits in exploitdb, securityfocus and other available forums
– Regularly participate in CTFs and bug bounties
– You should have valid passport

Workplace and Benefits
– Research oriented and we promote research culture
– Paid leave and logistics assistance on submitting your research on international conference.
– You will get to work on new technology.
– Be a part of nullcon Goa and Netherlands crew and meet/interact with world class researchers.
– Work on security research domain of your expertise and get paid for it too.
– Research ideas to execution support

Location: Pune, India

If you think you fit the bill, drop us your CV at [email protected]

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