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iOS pentesing guide from a n00bs perspective.1

Hello Guys, There are tons of blogs and resources available over the internet for helping you start your journey with Android Security Assessment but only a handful of resources which will explain...


6 Must have tools for your iOS pentesting toolkit

When performing a pentesting either it is web, network, mobile or IoT the essential thing the pentester should have is its tool. So in this blog, I am going to share the tools which I use to perform pentesting of iOS applications. 1. Cydia Impactor: Cydia Impactor is a GUI tool which is used to install the ios application into the iPhone when we have the IPA file of it. So if you have a jailbreak IPA then this tool is must which will let you install that jailbreak exploit IPA into your device. You can download Cydia from here. ...


iOS app Runtime analysis using GDB

We have crafted a vulnerable iOS application for understanding and to learn to use GDB to perform runtime analysis, with our crafted vulnerable app known as ‘swizzle-me’. Introduction to the app. The app ‘swizzle-me’ is a simple authentication app, wherein the user is required to enter his/her valid credentials and get access to the application. App’s challenge:  Your task is to bypass this login mechanism of the application and access the authenticated page! ...