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6 Mobile Apps to Enhance your Device Security


Smartphone hacking has been increasing at an alarming rate. Malicious applications and mobile browser hacking account for over 70% of all illegal transactions leading to monetary losses.

The ultimate cost of mobile attacks is expected to reach upwards of $1.5 billion by the end of the current year, while only a meager $40 million is spent on making mobile apps more secure.

Although securing mobile applications and private data may not be entirely feasible for the average smartphone user, one can always take a few extra steps to make their experience as safe as possible.

Here are 6 mobile security apps you can install today on your Android/iOS devices, to privatize and secure your devices from cyber attacks and be a step ahead of the hackers.

Please note that none of the applications mentioned in this blog are sponsored. The recommendations are based on user experience and developer-claimed functionalities.

1. Fing

Fing is a free network scanning app that helps you discover devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you are connected to. It will help you track down malicious or unauthorized network intruders and uncover any connected device’s IP/MAC Address. It automatically alerts you when new devices access your network.

Alongside these features, the app also allows you to check device response time, run Internet speed tests, remotely wake up devices, as well as check on recent internet outrages based on your location.

One of the major security threats of wireless network attacks is the capture of information traffic sent across by network intruders. Fing helps you avoid being targeted by such an attack. It also detects hidden cameras connected to the same network so you can be alerted of anybody who may be invading your privacy in vulnerable places such as hotel rooms.

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2. Jumbo

We all know about the fiasco that social media giants like Facebook got into related to data privacy. Here’s where Jumbo jumps into the action by giving control of your data back to you.

Jumbo scans for the apps and websites you use to provide actionable recommendations such as disabling location tracking, facial recognition, voice, and audio tracking, and even targeted ads. It also assists you in delete old tweets/posts. All of this while never collecting your data.

Jumbo plans on introducing premium features such as dark web monitoring, deleting leaked addresses, emails, financial information, etc., found on the dark web.

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3. Brave Browser:

Looking for a faster, more secure browsing experience? Brave Browser is one of the apps which delivers just that. It blocks out a wide range of trackers, pop-ups, ads, and malware.

It only lets you browse HTTPS (Secure HTTP for encrypted data traffic) for an additional layer of security. It also blocks 3rd party cookies and privatizes data by storing browsing activity on the user device only.

It integrates DuckDuckGo, which creates a privacy-focused browsing environment and therefore restricts any IP or User information from being stored. Moreover, Brave claims to retain battery and optimize battery savings better compared to other mobile browsers.

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4. Bouncer:

Did you know that most applications have the liberty to make use of the user-granted permissions even when that app is not in use? So, let’s say you have given a certain social media app access to your location. Provided you have granted the right permissions; it will be able to know your location even if you are not using the app.

Bouncer helps you stay abreast of all the app permissions and grants you more control over what the applications on your device are able to do and when they are able to do it. Although this app isn’t free, it could well be worth it.

It allows the user to grant app permissions whenever necessary and revoke the permissions whenever the app is not in use. It logs all the activity and notifies you of apps that could be draining your battery, and also alerts you when an app maliciously tries to sell off data to a third party.

Unfortunately, this app isn’t available on the Apple App Store yet. So, iOS users won’t be able to enjoy its features.

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5. NordPass:

NordPass is a free-to-use, encrypted password vault which helps you securely store, organize, and manage unlimited credentials across multiple devices. It protects the stored passwords with Multi-factor authentication as well as Biometric identification.

For ease of use, it also has an auto-fill capability (also seen in apps like Google Password, except with a more secure 2-step authentication system), and allows you to share specific passwords to trusted contacts with an encrypted connection

If you can manage to get your hands on the premium version of the app, it will also scan and identify if your data has been leaked and also identify which of your passwords are weak or reused.

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6. Find My Device (Remote Wipe):

The above apps would help you to a great extent in preventing remotely-executed cyber attacks. But what if your device itself gets lost or, even worse, stolen?

The Google Find My Device and the Apple Find My iPhone are applications available on Andriod and iOS respectively, which help its users to find their devices through location tracking or remotely lock it.

Suppose by any unfortunate event your personal device gets stolen. In that case, these apps can help you wipe the data on that device by accessing your account via another device and allowing you to erase the stolen device using an Andriod Device Manager.

Get: Google Find My Device

Get: Find my iPhone


A ton of mobile security apps exist to help the end-users enhance their endpoint security. However, these apps won’t serve as a permanent solution if mobile applications remain vulnerable, exploitable, and insecure.

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